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Pre sale service:
1, our company can provide customers with perfect product introduction and selection information.
2, staff provide design and consulting services and recommend products suitable for customers' actual needs.
3, good pre-sale service is an important guarantee to ensure the interests of customers. We are equipped with technicians.
Pre-sale consulting services for customers, recommend suitable equipment for the actual needs of customers, to avoid unnecessary loss of interest to customers due to improper selection.
Sale in service:
1, provide users with technical support, with user selection, provide an economic and reasonable solution.
2, provide users with training, guidance and installation and maintenance methods, determine the solution.
3. We deliver the goods according to the delivery date stipulated in the contract.
After-sale service:
1, service personnel regularly take the initiative to make use of product visit.
2. Regular consultation of customer equipment operation, and remind customers of regular maintenance, while summarizing information for customers to establish classified files.
3. After the customer service department receives the customer feedback product quality problem information, the company has the professional technical personnel to communicate with the customer by telephone first, such as the telephone or replacement parts can not be solved, if the customer arrives at the scene within 24 hours from our department or the local office, within 48 hours to solve the problem. If it is far away from the provincial level, the company will solve the problem within 72 hours.



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