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Manufacturing enterprises of cosmetics and daily chemicals shall, in principle, set up raw materials rooms, production rooms, semi-finished products storage rooms, filling rooms, packaging rooms, container cleaning, disinfection, drying, storage rooms, warehouses, inspection rooms, changing rooms, buffer zones, offices, etc. to prevent cross-contamination.

Dust produced in the production of cosmetics or products using harmful, flammable and explosive materials must be produced in a separate dust-free workshop. The total area of the production, filling and packing rooms shall not be less than 100 square meters, the per capita area shall not be less than 4 square meters, and the net height of the workshop shall not be less than 2.5 meters.

The floor of the dust-free workshop should be smooth, wear resistant, non slip, non-toxic and non permeable, so that it is easy to clean and disinfect. The floor of the workspace that needs cleaning should have a slope, no water accumulation, and a clean floor drain at the lowest point.

The air inlet of a production workshop adopting an air purification device shall be far from the exhaust outlet, and the air inlet shall be not less than 2 meters above the ground, and there shall be no pollution source nearby. Ultraviolet disinfection, ultraviolet disinfection lamp strength must not be less than 70 microwatts / square centimeter, and in accordance with the 30 watt / 10 square meters set, 2.0 meters away from the ground hoisting. The total number of bacteria in the air of the workshop should not exceed 1000 / cubic meters.

Bacterial air is easy to cause secondary pollution in cosmetic manufacturing, stationary, filling and packaging. According to the new edition of the Hygienic Standards for Cosmetic Manufacturers, the total number of bacteria in the air of the production workshop should not exceed 1000/cubic meters. At the same time, air purification or air disinfection facilities must be provided in semi-finished product storage rooms, filling rooms, clean container storage rooms, changing rooms and their buffer zones.



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