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Because of the high requirements of the environment in the electronic factory, the clean engineering has special difficulties in construction. With the rapid development of the production technology in the electronics industry, the control of the production environment in the domestic electronics workshop has higher requirements. If it is too dry, electrostatic will easily occur in the electronics workshop, resulting in the damage of CMOS integrated circuit, high humidity and product cracks, resulting in a decline in the yield. In order to ensure the quality of the products, it is necessary to strictly control the temperature and humidity of the electronic factory building, in which humidity control is particularly important.

1. Construction difficulties of clean Engineering:

1, aerial work. Generally, we have to do the floor layer first, and then the floor layer as the interface is divided into two levels of construction. Only in this way can we ensure safety and reduce the difficulty of the whole construction.

2. Large factories in clean engineering require large area accuracy control. We have to deploy professional surveyors, large factories need large area of precision control in the implementation of the requirements.

3, the whole process requires clean construction control. The construction of the clean workshop is no more than the construction of other workshops. Clean control from the beginning to the end of the construction must be strictly managed, so as to ensure that the construction of a clean project is qualified.

Two, the construction characteristics of clean Engineering:

1, short duration. The builder must carry out production as soon as possible so as to get short-term return on investment.

2, clean engineering quality requirements are very high. The quality of clean workshop will directly affect the quality of electronic products.

3, the construction of clean engineering is highly complex. The technology needed to build clean Engineering covers various industries and professional knowledge is more complicated.



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