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1. The layout of the purification workshop of the pharmaceutical factory.

There are several ways to plan the construction of purification workshop in pharmaceutical factory.

1, the veranda surround 2, the inner corridor 3, the two ends 4, the core type.

Two. Purification route of purification plant in pharmaceutical factory.

1. In order to minimize the pollution caused by human activities in operation, personnel must change their clean clothes and blow, shower and disinfect before entering the clean area. These measures are "personal purification" or "human net". Such

2. Air supply should be provided to the room where clean clothes are replaced in the clean room, and positive pressure should be maintained on the entrance side and other rooms, and a little positive pressure should be maintained on the toilet and shower, while negative pressure should be maintained on the toilet and shower.

Three. Purification route of construction material in purification workshop of pharmaceutical factory.

1, all kinds of objects must be purified before being sent to the clean area. Such

2. The material purification route and the human purification route should be separated. If the material and the personnel can only enter the purification workshop at the same place, they must also enter separately. The material must be roughly purified first. Such

3, for the production line is not strong, in the middle of the material route can be set up intermediate library. Such

4. If the production line is very strong, then the straight-through material route is adopted. Sometimes it is necessary to set up many purification and transmission facilities in the middle of the straight-through line. Such

5. In the system design, the coarse purification and purification stage of the clean room will blow off a lot of raw particles, so the relative clean area should maintain negative pressure or zero pressure, if the risk of pollution is great, it should also maintain negative pressure on the entrance direction.

Four. Construction pipeline organization in purification workshop.

The pipeline in the purification workshop is very complex, so all these pipelines are covered by concealed organization. There are several specific ways of concealed organization. Such

1. technical interlayer

(1) top technical interlayer. In this kind of sandwich, the section of air supply and return duct is the largest, so it is the first object to be considered in the sandwich. It is usually arranged at the top of the interlayer, and the electrical pipeline is arranged below. When the sandwich floor can withstand a certain weight, filters and exhaust equipment can be installed on it. Such

(2) room technical interlayer. This method can reduce the wiring and height of the sandwich and save the technical jacket needed for the return duct to return to the upper sandwich, compared with only the top sandwich. In the lower chute can also be set back to the fan power equipment distribution, the upper chute of a clean room can also be used as the upper chute of the lower chute. Such

Five. Clean workshop safety evacuation.

The safe evacuation of the cleaning workshop has become a very important and prominent problem because of its strong airtightness. It is also closely related to the installation of the cleaning air conditioning system. Generally, we should pay attention to the following points:

1. There are at least two safety exits in the fire prevention zone or clean area of each production layer. Only one safety exit can be allowed if the area is less than 50 and the personnel is less than 5. Such

The 2. person net entry should not be used as an evacuation exit. Because the route is often tortuous, once the fireworks are diffuse, it is difficult to ask people to run outside quickly. Such

3. Blow shower room can not be used as a general access, because this door is often two interlocking or automatic, once a failure, very influential evacuation, so generally in the blower shower room by-pass door, staff more than 5 people must be set up this door. At ordinary times, the staff should not walk through the shower room while leaving the clean room.



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