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Constant and humidity

Constant temperature and humidity air conditioner, the unit adopts intelligent control mode to achieve refrigeration, dehumidification, heating, humidification and other functions of the unit, so as to achieve accurate control of indoor environment temperature and humidity, indoor temperature and humidity fluctuation is small, temperature accuracy is (+ 0.8 degree C), humidity accuracy (+ 5%).

(1) Air-cooled (HF series) and water-cooled (H series) two types; the unit has 3HP ~ 100HP, cooling capacity range of 7.3kW ~ 302 kW, a total of 40 specifications.

2. It can provide power supply heating, hot water heating, steam heating, and introducing some fresh air.

3. Structural optimization ensures good sealing, heat insulation and low air leakage rate.

Fourth, brand system accessories, reliable performance.

There are multiple security protection.

Explosion-proof and other special treatment can be provided.

Environmental friendly refrigerants can be used.

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