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Engineering services

Engineering quality is the first lifeline of the company. Therefore, every item, every system and every detail is perfect. Both hidden and decorative works are demanding. There are quality management engineers in the company. They are independent of the project team and are directly responsible for the general manager. Customer satisfaction is our basic requirement for quality, our goal is to make each project into a model project, can withstand the test of time.

After a long period of development and accumulation, he has rich management experience in the field of general contracting of purification system engineering, and has formed a complete set of scientific, systematic and effective management systems, especially in the aspects of deepening design, construction organization, three-factor control, safety management, system coordination and personnel training, and has always adhered to zero-subcontracting management. It provides a reliable guarantee for the smooth implementation of the project. 

Construction preparation

Pre construction design

Construction progress guarantee

Implementation of construction organization plan

Set up construction management team

Construction layout

Temporary facilities

System deepening design

Construction drawing design

Engineering implementation process formulation

Commissioning plan formulation and approval

Acceptance plan formulation and approval

 Construction schedule planning

Compile progress control tools

Making progress plans and ensuring measures

Organization progress plan management implementation

Progress plan deviation correction

Key node control for schedule planning

Construction quality assurance

Safe and civilized construction

Material procurement management

Quality goal formulation

Project quality management

Compile quality control tools

Quality assurance measures

Organization quality management implementation

Establishing safety and civilized construction management objectives

Compilation of control management tools

Making management assurance measures

Prepare contingency plans

Safe and civilized management


 Material procurement planning

Material technology and data approval

Material procurement management

Material logistics management

Material acceptance inspection

Material storage management

Document data management
Engineering construction management
Completion acceptance

Compilation of document data management directory

Compilation of documentation for process technology acceptance

Compilation and approval of documents for completion and acceptance

Archiving and handover of documents

Construction and acceptance of concealed works

Termination and installation of monomer equipment

System equipment installation

Debugging of monomer system

System networking debugging

System test report

System commissioning

System initial acceptance

Final acceptance of system

Compilation of equipment instructions

Property management training



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