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Food is directly related to people's health. There are high hygienic standards and requirements in the processing workshop and packing workshop of food factories. Among them, microbial contamination is the most important factor affecting the quality of food, and it is also the focus of the purification project in the packaging workshop and processing workshop of food factory.

Food safety and hygiene should be controlled in three aspects: first, to control the standardized operation of production personnel; second, to control external environmental pollution (to establish a relatively clean operating space). Three is the source of procurement to eliminate raw materials for problems.

Main facilities of the daily purification workshop for food:

1Class 1K, 10K and 100K cleanroom;

2 drying, crushing, sterilization, cleaning, packaging and other production equipment;

3 compressed air, exhaust, pure water and other facilities.

To ensure the standard quality of food, the key is to build a good hygienic production environment. According to the process control system of food hazard, the production environment of food hygienic conditions was created by hazard analysis, pollution control and key point control in the whole process of food production.

The construction of good hygienic production environment in food purification workshop is mainly from five aspects: key control area, background area, food contact surface, personal purification room and material purification room.

Key control area, a clean room area in the food processing process, if the area is not properly controlled, it is very likely to cause harm, very easy to lead to contamination of finished products.

The background area is the area surrounding the critical control area of the same clean room.

Food contact surfaces, the surfaces that touch food, and the fascinating surfaces that splash waste water on food or on the surfaces that touch food during normal processing.

A room for personal cleansing, which is cleaned by certain procedures before entering the clean area.

A room for cleaning materials according to certain procedures before entering the clean area.

Cleanliness of food factories should be graded according to food production. The key control points, key areas and background areas of the food dust-free workshop should be defined and graded separately, and the area of high-level areas should be reduced as far as possible.

Standards and requirements for classification and environmental parameters of cleanrooms in food factories

Clean rooms in food factories

Minimum requirements for microorganisms in clean areas

Requirements for suspended particles in clean rooms at all levels

Food production should be carried out in clean areas of corresponding grades according to different stages of production, different critical control points or the attributes of the food itself. When there is no special requirement for temperature and humidity in the production process, the temperatures of clean rooms of Class I and Class II should be 20-25, the relative humidity should be 30-65, the temperatures of clean rooms of Class III and Class IV should be 18-26, and the relative humidity should be 30-70%.

The noise level (static) of Class I clean room should not be greater than 65dB (A), and that of other clean rooms should not be greater than 60dB (A).

According to the production process and product quality requirements, the workshop is divided into general production area, control area, set up personnel shoe changing area, men and women's first and second changing rooms, washing hands, hand disinfection, laundry room, air shower channel, clean flow corridor, logistics cargo shower corridor, injection room, plastic cushion blowing dust, in storage, assembly room, inner packing room, outside. Packaging room and computer room, logistics and so on.

Personnel flow direction: changing shoes, changing clothes, washing hands, hand disinfection - air shower passage - clean corridor - clean workshop in the purification workshop and corridor set up safety doors for easy evacuation.

The number of static ventilation in clean rooms of different grades should be determined according to the number of personnel, area size, operation intensity and other conditions or selected according to the corresponding standards. The fresh air volume should be no less than 40m 3; /h design should meet the needs of exhaust ventilation and positive pressure maintenance.

The number of ventilating rooms in a clean room is static.

Rank classification

Purification level must meet the production and processing of food for air purification needs, clean between different levels of plant, plant and corridor between the buffer measures should be. Personnel and logistics channels suitable for cleanliness should be set up separately.



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