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In order to improve the quality of medical care, reduce or eliminate postoperative infection. Modern advanced purification technology is widely used in operating rooms, delivery rooms, central baby care rooms, burn ward, icu, hemodialysis room, central supply room, pharmacy and so on. Foreign hospital data showed that the infection rate decreased from 8.9% to 0.26%, while the infection rate was only 0.1% by using super-purification technology. Therefore, in recent years, hospitals at all levels in China have been actively using advanced purification technology, greatly promoting the modernization of hospitals. After years of research, exploration and practice, the company has summed up a complete set of process specifications, advanced materials and equipment, reasonable layout, solid and beautiful structure, cost-effective purification laminar flow operating room technical design and construction program. Several hospitals have been provided with clean operation room, clean delivery room, icu, NICU room, laboratory and clean workshop which meet the national standards. Create a suitable temperature and humidity, fresh air, sterile and clean, high-grade decoration of the medical environment, improve the quality of medical care and medical staff efficiency



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