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Product service

Pre sale service:

1, to provide customers with perfect product introduction and selection information.
2, professional designers provide design and consulting services, and recommend products that are suitable for customers' actual needs.
3. High-quality pre-sale service is an important guarantee of the interests of customers, we are equipped with professional and technical personnel to provide advisory services to customers in the early stage, to avoid unnecessary losses to customers due to improper selection.


Sale in service:

1, provide users with technical support, with user selection, provide an economic and reasonable solution.
2, provide users with training, guidance and installation and maintenance methods, determine the solution.
3. We deliver the goods according to the delivery date stipulated in the contract.

After-sale service:

1, service personnel regularly take the initiative to make use of product visit.
2. Regular consultation of customer equipment operation, and remind customers of regular maintenance, while summarizing information for customers to establish classified files.
3. After the customer service department receives the customer feedback product quality problem information, the company has the professional technical personnel to communicate with the customer by telephone first, such as the telephone or replacement parts can not be solved, if the customer arrives at the scene within 24 hours from our department or the local office, within 48 hours to solve the problem. If it is far away from the provincial level, the company will solve the problem within 72 hours.

I. service flow

 Emergency / non emergency handling process 
 Periodic inspection and processing flow 

二、quick response 
● Quick response level 




0 level

Due to our project, line and other reasons, customers can not obtain some core system services (such as network, telephone, etc.) or business impact of more than 100 people, which has a significant impact on the normal operation of customer business.

7 * 24 telephone contact, respond within one hour after receiving the call. Four hours to handle the door-to-door.

1 level

The main functions of the system can not work normally, the main system is unstable, and periodic interruptions, affecting more than 50 people, or the normal operation of Party A business caused greater impact.

7 * 8 telephone contact, received within two hours after the phone response, eight hours door-to-door processing.

2 level

The main system is faulty, but it can still run in an all-round way, affecting more than two people, or has a certain or slight impact on the normal operation of Party A's business system.

5 * 8 telephone contact, received within four hours after the phone response, 24 hours door-to-door processing.

3 level

Product performance enhancement request; product function, installation or configuration needs information or support, almost no impact on Party A's business operations; non-master system failure.

5 * 8 telephone contact, respond to within one working day after receiving the call; one week door-to-door treatment.

三、service content

 Service scope
Content: All subsystems of building intelligence (integrated wiring system, security and alarm system, entrance guard card system, background music system, computer room construction, video conferencing system, etc.)

Equipment: hardware and software system.
● Inspection Service 
We provide a quarterly inspection tour with no less than three inspections per year. 
●quick response 
Emergency response within half an hour, 2 hours door-to-door service; general events within 2 hours response; non-emergency response within 2 hours, 24 hours to solve the problem. 
● Free service for one year 
One year's free system maintenance service. 
● Spare parts library
The company set up spare parts warehouses specially to prepare for unexpected accidents. The response time of spare parts supply is half a day. 
● Free training 
During the maintenance period, professional engineers will receive free on-site training. 



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